Friday, June 22, 2012

Colored Jeans?

         hey dolls! I cant believe its already friday. Don't know about you but this week flew by way to quickly. So, lately everyones been fussing over colored jeans, and I'm one of them!  Idefinitely a fan of color so for me it was a no brainer. I recentlly bought a pair from target, and chose a reddish pink pair, and decided to pair it with all black. Be careful when styling many black pieces. Its easy for it all to blend in. To prevent this 
I added some sequence and a ruffled bottom so that it stands out rather than blending in together. 

The key to a perfect outfit there has to be different textures and pieces that pop. What do you think of the color, and do you own a pair, if so what color?


  1. I love colored jeans and I think the color looks amazing on you! I only have a pair in blue and another one in green! :D

    Anyway I have followed you, follow back? Thanks! :D

  2. Passando pelo blogesfera e me deparei com o seu blog, amei de cara. Amei sua calça Pink, tenho uma e não largo mão hahaha
    Espero você em meu blog, e que possamos conversar mais, já sou super seguidora... vem me seguir também, vou amar :D
    Beijos Alih

  3. Beautiful I'm looking for red jeans as well!

    1. Thx(: I know there so fun, and they go with everything

  4. Very fashionable and beautiful outfit, it's perfect!(:

  5. those pants are killer on you, wow!

  6. coloured jeans look great on you x